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My little protector

I'm not sure why this came to mind, but I remember when we were young and lived in Ashby. Our water well would run dry every summer. Us kids would have to walk a mile or further up hill to the town water pump with two buckets hanging on the end of a long tree branch draped over our little, but strong, shoulders. We would each carry two buckets.  ACE would try and carry more than two so we wouldn't have to go back.  LOL  That didn't always end up going too well!  We ended up having to go back several times a day.  One day as we were walking past a boys house, we could tell they were rich because they had horses (or at least we throught they were rich).  I told ACE the boy was laughing at us and teasing me because we had to carry water.  As we were walking by his house again, he was hideing up in an apple tree because I told him I was going to tell my brothers ACE and Pat  that he was teasing me (Little John was not with us that particular day). We were known for being the toughest kids around and usually no one messed with us, but this kid (Steven) apparently thought he was going to get away with teasing me... NOT!  As soon as ACE spotted Steven in the tree he asked me if that was the kid that was  teasing me?  I looked up and saw him and another kid up in the tree. I said yes that's him. Right away ACE and Pat and I dropped our poles spilling the water we had just carried halfway home. I remember ACE yelling up at Steven to come down and say it to his face.  Of course he wouldn't come down so ACE said well then I 'll make you come down. ACE, Pat, and I  started to gather up all the green apples that were all around and began throwing them at Steven to make him come down.. BAM!!  ACE hit STeven right in the eye and he fell out of the tree, braking his arm.  ACE ran over to him and told him to get up and said "You think that hurts? If I find out about you teasing my sister again, I will break your other arm!!"  Needless to say, ACE felt really bad about hurting Steven so bad.  We knew when Ernie (step father) found out we were messing around while we were supposed to be working, we would most likely be punnished, so we never said anything to anyone about it.  ACE  told Steven if he said anything about how this happened he would be in bigger trouble. Eventually everyone found out about it and we were punnished, but Steven never teased me again!  We actually became friends with Steven and his family and were able to go to his house and visit the horses.  ACE was my hero, even back then! He will be forever!! I LOVE YOU BROTHER!!! <3

Posted by Sister Cathy
Wednesday August 2, 2017 at 3:15 pm
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